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Donelson Neighborhood News – June 2016

A couple neighborhoods in Donelson have taken advantage of Metro Public Works Traffic Calming Program.  My neighborhood, Donelson Hills, has been in discussions with them for many months.  We finally will receive signage at our three entranceways and a few other elements to hopefully encourage those driving through the neighborhood to slow down.  I’ve been hearing from many neighbors across Donelson in the months since election.  Recently, I put a post out on Hip Donelson asking for input about traffic issues in neighborhoods.  With about 200 responses, I compiled the information with the emails I’ve received.  The major responses came from Lincoya Hills, Maplecrest and Woodberry Park and a few other specific streets where issues are consistent.  I will be making an effort to work with the neighborhood leadership and the Traffic Calming program to see if we can help make our neighborhood streets safer.

Nashville Fire Department recently created a great smoke alarm informational video.  Check it out here.  Please watch and share and be sure your smoke alarms are working with fresh batteries!  NFD offers smoke detectors for free to Davidson County residents.

The “Bridging Two Rivers” Art Project as part of the Metro Arts Commission THRIVE program is finally here!  Thanks to Dante Bard and Troy Duff for their work engaging the community and getting input on what this mural along the Stones River Greenway should include.  Their murals are located on the walls leading towards the tunnel before you go under Briley Parkway.  Take a bike or walk on the Greenway to check it out.  They did an incredible job!  The THRIVE program gives paid opportunities to artists to create public art.  I’ve always envisioned an art project along the Greenway in this area and am very thankful to Jen Cole, Rebecca Berrios and the rest of the Arts Commission staff for their work to make this happen.

Bridging Two Rivers

Bridging Two Rivers

Another THRIVE project that occurred recently in our community was awarded to playwright Carolyn German to work with McKendree Village, the Donelson Branch Library and Fifty Forward Donelson Station to coordinate opportunities for seniors to come together and share their stories.  Carolyn recorded their stories, transcribed them and then used them to develop a theatrical performance of “Voices Unwavering: Bold Stories and Life Lessons from Seniors of Donelson and Hermitage” as a collection of stories honed specifically for performance for a live audience.  The work created highlighted the universality of the human experience that is evidenced through their unique stories.  Additionally, the work provided an inter-generational connection by bridging the experiences of the seniors interviewed with youth and adults in the audience.  Professional actors presented the work between recently in those three locations.  Congratulations and thank you, Carolyn!

Former Metro Councilman Rod Williams is a HUD-approved housing counselor that helps people struggling with their house payments to get back on track and helps turn difficult situations around.  He’s asked Council Members to help get the word out about a program that could help many that is unfortunately ending soon.  There is a Making Home Affordable (MHA) program that is winding down and it can help struggling homeowners with various options, including possible principal reduction.   Rod has been helping home owners for many years and has great experience in this area.  If you or someone you know is struggling with making your mortgage payments, call Rod at 615-850-3453.

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