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Tag: Donelson Neighborhood News August 2016

Donelson Neighborhood News – August 2016

We all like to enjoy Percy Priest Lake each summer, but safety needs to always be a foremost concern.  Drowning incidents have unfortunately increased this year.  Please check out an article here from The Ledger that is a good read about possible causes why.  Please be safe!

I am always working to do what I can to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Speeding and pedestrian safety are two big concerns of mine and I do everything I can to work with Public Works in improving our intersections and I’ve begun to implement some formal Traffic Calming measures in neighborhoods.  Bluefields implemented them some years back and have reported it has helped.  We are moving forward with Donelson Hills, Lincoya Hills, Maplecrest and others as time and resources allow.  Thanks to The Donelson News for writing about my efforts.


Big thanks to neighbors in Bluefields for bringing a meal to our police officers at the Hermitage Precinct last month.  Our first responders are there for us 24/7 and this act of kindness is sincerely appreciated by the whole community.

Bluefields At The Hermitage Precinct

On May 16, 2016, which was the 70th anniversary of the Donelson Diary, Bluefields neighbor Vicki Beare launched an online archive of this historic local neighborhood paper.  It’s a fascinating read and our neighbors whose families have been here for generations will recognize many of the people and places written in this local paper.  Check it out here.  

Donelson Diary Relaunched In May 2016


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