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Lincoya Hills Contextual Overlay

Discussions continue with Lincoya Hills on a Contextual Overlay that will help control the type of development that can occur within the neighborhood.  It is a delicate balance of wanting to protect the character and integrity of the neighborhood while giving families the ability to expand their homes to meet their needs.  It’s not a balance that can be made perfect as there are no true character definitions of our mid-20th Century single family neighborhoods.  But I know there is a desire to keep “tall skinnies” out and protect some aspect of character.  That does mean neighbors have to agree to some limitations, and I also hear the concerns loud and clear that some don’t want to be encumbered with any restrictions. 

Contextual Overlay, Lincoya Hills, Metro Council District 15

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Sutherland Heights Contextual Overlay Community Meeting

Sutherland Heights has also expressed interested in learning more about the Contextual Overlay, so we will be having a community meeting on Tuesday, September 27th at 6pm at Pennington Fellowship Church at 2745 Pennington Bend Road.  All are welcome to attend if you’re interested in learning more. 

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