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The Eagle’s “Hell Freezes Over” tour was not only a very special reunion of a band no one thought would perform together again; it was also an inspiration for a special musician and actor that we’re proud to call friend and neighbor here in Donelson.  At nine-years old, Brennin watched Don Henley play drums on that tour and began to play and continue to be deeply influenced by the band’s timeless songwriting and talent.  It was a couple years later that Brennin’s grandmother gave him his Dad’s Epiphone guitar and began to play it as well as the family’s old player-piano.  He began to find his own very talented voice in songwriting and arranging, discovering a variety of artists and able to learn their songs by ear.

Before moving to Nashville from his hometown in Oklahoma City, Brennin was heavily involved in performing and leading worship in churches.  In 2004, he began touring the country with Christian artist Jami Smith, playing guitar and singing background vocals.  He was also influenced by artists such as Aranda and Paul Colley, both of whom Brennin had the opportunity to get to know and learn a lot about songwriting.  Brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda are successful songwriters with song cuts by major artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks and they had also secured their own major deal with Sony.  Paul Colley produced and recorded Brennin’s first couple of records and taught him about production and recording, skills Brennin still uses today as he records in his own studio.

While attending an International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA) conference here in Nashville, Brennin’s cousin Judy met Barbara “Mother” Hubbard, an entertainment promoter, educator and mentor at the Pan American Center at New Mexico State University.  Judy gave Barbara a demo of a song Brennin wrote with Dameon Aranda (recorded by Paul Colley) and the next day Brennin received a call from Barbara asking him if he wanted to open for the Bellamy Brothers in Hot Springs, AR.  Brennin recalls that she wanted to see if he could “carry a tune live” as she put it.  Barbara encouraged Brennin to move to Nashville and also connected him with Gayle Miller at Epic Records in New York, who put him in touch with Rikk Feulner, a manager here in Nashville.  Rikk further encouraged Brennin to move to Nashville and after he and his wife Kelly finally moved here, Rikk taught Brennin a lot about Nashville and the music business.

After renting an apartment in Bellevue for a year, Brennin and Kelly decided to find something close to the airport and downtown and while searching for a home to buy, fell in love with Donelson and the community.

In 2011, Brennin had the great opportunity of being part of the hit TV show The X-Factor.  That experience led him to a publishing deal with Razor and Tie Music Publishing and KyeCatt Music.  With other great influences including The Eagles, Vince Gill, Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder and anything Motown and Staxx, Brennin’s hard work continues to pay off and be highly regarded and recognized.  He recently spent a few days with Vince Gill and wrote with him for Vince’s new album that will be released February 12 and features their song “I Can’t Do This”.

Brennin has a new EP coming in February with plans to tour in support of the project.  He’s also signing with William Morris Endeavor.  Brennin’s story is a great Music City success story and we’ll no doubt be hearing much more from him in the future.  I’m proud to have Kelly, Brennin and their two sons as neighbors here in Donelson.  Enjoy this selection of Brennin’s songs, including a Christmas song he recorded with Ayla Brown (whose husband Keith owns Donelson’s Bowtie Barber Club) and two tracks from his upcoming new EP to be released February 19.

How We Make It (written by Brennin Hunt)

At My Door (written by Brennin Hunt, Chris Dubois and Catt Gravitt)

Quarantine (featuring Brennin) (written by T. Carter)

Christmas Without You (featuring Ayla Brown) (written by Brennin Hunt and Briana Tyson)

Lose My Cool (written by Brennin Hunt)

Light It Up (written by Brennin Hunt)

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