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First Term Legislation and Accomplishments (2015 – 2019)

  • Worked closely with 20+ neighborhoods and engage directly with their social media pages.
  • Actively engaged with our 15th District Beautification Commissioner Michele Mazzu in leading beautification efforts with The Donelson Gateway Project, Day of Trewth and multiple other initiatives.
  • Acted on a policy of always having neighborhood meetings before any zoning legislation is filed that would impact them.
  • Continued engagement with Hip Donelson and the Hip Donelson Community Farmer’s Market as volunteer.
  • Led the community in updating the Community Plan along Lebanon Pike from Spence Lane to Briley Parkway to prepare for growth and development.
  • Led the Pennington Bend neighbors and Opry / Music Valley area businesses in improving Holiday traffic both short term and with long term infrastructure needs.
  • Engaged Metro Parks & Recreation to submit a Capital Improvement Budget request to fund a Master Plan for the historic preservation and future development of Lock Two Park.
  • Worked closely with River Glen Home Owners Association to address post-May 2010 flood issues and their infrastructure needs.
  • Worked with Metro Arts and Parks & Recreation to engage local artists to create the “Bridging Two Rivers” murals along the Stones River Greenway at the entrance to the tunnel under Briley Parkway.
  • Worked with Holladay Properties leading to acquisition of Donelson Plaza and collaborated to put together vision for its revitalization to include $15 million new Donelson Branch Library and $4 million for associated infrastructure to improve road network and add sidewalks. Click here.

    Sponsored legislation and worked with property owners in the district to support them in bringing new, vibrant businesses to the community, including:

    Sponsored legislation to enact historic preservation efforts critical to our character and history:

    Led the The Donelson Gateway Project to raise thousands of dollars supporting a major beautification project and facelift for McGavock High School.

    Strengthened Stormwater Regulations and secured funding for projects;

    Helped facilitate a $40 million Metro Water Services infrastructure project on Elm Hill Pike, Old Elm Hill Pike, McGavock Pike, Donelson Pike and Lebanon Pike and worked with The Donelson Gateway Project and District 14 Councilman Kevin Rhoten to include beautification of the Lebanon Pike medians from the YMCA to Stones River Greenway.

    Sponsored legislation to accept a $1 million grant from TDOT for the Opry Mills Greenway Connector at the Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge.

    Supported ongoing sidewalk projects and initiated newly funded projects:

    • Lebanon Pike (from Bluefield Avenue to Graylynn Drive)
    • Fairway Drive (from McGavock Pike to Old Lebanon Pike)
    • JB Estille Drive
    • Lebanon Pike / Cottage Lane (funded, legislation coming)
    • Old Lebanon Pike (from JB Estille to Lebanon Pike – funded, legislation coming)
    • Around Pennington Elementary School

    Sponsored legislation that strengthened regulations for Alternative Financial Institutions (a.k.a Cash Advance / Pay Day Loan businesses) and prevented the expansion of Tennessee Quick Cash in Donelson. Here as well.

    Sponsored legislation to put limits on hourly hotel operators to dissuade illicit drug use, prostitution and human trafficking and encourage positive economic development in and around those properties.

    Sponsored a resolution asking Metro Codes and Public Works to address the increasing illegal use of public right-of-way for placing campaign signs.

    Sponsored or co-sponsored resolutions honoring the significant contributions of Nashvillians and non-profit organizations, including: