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Donelson Business News - November 2019

At the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon in September, I had the privilege of joining Austin Smith, owner of Party Fowl, and Deb Varallo, of Vararllo Public Relations, on a panel to discuss small business growth, opportunities, challenges, and more.  I was also thrilled to see the Chamber support Hip Donelson’s Hip Eats program with a donation of $1,000 from the Taste of DH event.  That donation will go a long way to supporting this program that helps ensure our students have healthy food during the times they aren’t in school.  It’s a real need within our students and their families and this program has made a big impact.  Here to accept the donation is Two Rivers Middle is Nicole Valentine Vaughn, who also serves on the board of Hip Donelson.

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New Term Begins, Election as President Pro Tempore, Community Meetings and More

Dear Friends –

Our second term began smoothly and as Mayor John Cooper’s administration takes shape, so does Metro Council as leadership roles have been assigned and elected as well as committee assignments have been made.  In addition to serving on the Budget & Finance Committee and continue serving on the Parks, Library & Arts Committee, I was also honored and humbled to be elected President Pro Tempore (“Pro Tem”) of Metro Council, which serves as the presiding officer should the Vice Mayor be unable to serve.

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Donelson Neighborhood News - August 2019

Do you live in the Perry Heights neighborhood?  You’ve no doubt noticed one of your entranceway signs along Elm Hill Pike has fallen.  I’d like to help out and have engaged Joslin Sign Company to recreate them.  I need your help and engagement.  Please contact me and let’s raise a few funds in the neighborhood to bring back the neighborhood’s entranceway sign.  If you’re on Facebook and live in Perry Heights, I encourage you to join their neighborhood group here.  I’d love to see the neighborhood more organized and engaged.  I think this need to rally around replacing and maintaining the entranceway signs is a good cause to get behind!  Here’s a picture of the existing one on Donelson Pike.

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Donelson Non-Profit - August 2019

Hip Donelson celebrates our 10th Anniversary!  It’s been one of the most extraordinary community efforts I’ve ever been involved with and I don’t believe when Andrew Bradley created it, did he, Frank Trew or I ever think it would become what it’s become today thanks to so many passionate and dedicated community leaders.  There will be a special celebration after the Friday, September 13th Hip Donelson Community Farmer’s Market.  I hope you’ll make plans to attend.

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Donelson School News - August 2019

Every First Day and Last Day of school at McGavock High School, the McGavock Coalition puts together community leaders to greet students and wish them well and also hands out raffle tickets for prizes given out during the day.  It’s a great way for the community to support McGavock.  I was glad to join community leaders and the Donelson-Hermitage Chamber of Commerce on August 5th.

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Donelson Business News - August 2019

Check out this great article from Nashville Eater about restaurants to visit in the community.  More are coming.  Sunflower Bakehouse is nearing completion and looking great.  (Thanks to Ron Rice for taking this picture and posting on Hip Donelson.)  And as you now have heard, two doors down at the former Providence Auto will be TennFold, a pizzeria and brewery.  Read about TennFold in the Nashville Post here.  More details to come.

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Run-Off Election Important Dates, New Business Updates and It’s Back to School

Dear Friends –

Thanks to everyone who has stayed active and engaged during this election cycle.  Turnout has been fairly low (around 20%), but there is another opportunity to ensure your voice is heard since we are now in a Run-Off Election.  Remember that Tennessee is 49th in voter participation.  We must do better. Visit this link for all voter information and to register or update your registration.

Thanks as well to those that attended my Town Hall on July 11th.  We had a great turnout.  Special thanks to Sean McGuire in Metro Finance, Rob Ward with the Metro Assessor’s Office, Mark North and David Proffitt with MNPS and John Honeysucker with Metro Water.  As promised, here are the slides from that presentation (click on slide below to see full slideshow).  For those not able to make it, we basically had two main sections to the meeting.  The first was an overview of what’s happening in the district.  I could do a long write-up of each slide, but if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  The next section was engaging our special guests with the topics of our current budget situation, taxes, the assessment process, and how we get back to securing a strong fiscal foundation to focus our efforts on supporting education and public safety.

Donelson Town Hall Meeting with Jeff Syracuse

The 2020 Census is gearing up to collect valuable statistics and as much has changed in Nashville over the last decade, ensuring we are an active participant is crucial to ensuring we are allotted our fair share of federal resources.  Learn more here.  In addition, there will be employment opportunities as part of this process, which you can learn about here.  Another reason that strong participation in the census is important is that it will impact our local Council district lines, State House and Senate as well as the reapportioning of congressional seats.  Here’s a jobs flyer for the Census 2020.

Census Flyer 2020

I had the opportunity to participate in a couple important events over the past month or so.  We Remember Nashville was formed to promote community awareness, education about lynching and racial violence that helps the stories are told with dignity, truth, and resilience.  Two historical markers were erected on 1st Avenue near where to lynching occurred. I was proud to join Mayor Briley and At Large Council Member’s Erica Gilmore, Sharon Hurt, and District 23 Council Member Mina Johnson at the marker dedication ceremony.

Week of Remembrance

As the Council’s Chair of Parks, Library and Arts, Joey and I attended a fundraising breakfast for the Friends of Mill Ridge Park, the regional park in the southeast part of the county.  It and our Ravenwood Regional Park in the bend of Stones River are the two new regional parks in development.  CM Rhoten (District 14), whose district Ravenwood is in, secured $12 million to begin the first phase of the development of it.  At some point in the future, we could have a Friends group like Mill Ridge does, that engages the community in support of the Park.  It’s wonderful to see these two regional parks preserving this great open space for the enjoying and benefit for all of Nashville neighbors.

Mill Ridge Park


Jeff Syracuse, Metro Councilman 15th District

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Donelson Neighborhood News - June 2019

I had the extraordinary honor and privilege recently to present a proclamation to Joe Davis, World War II veteran, serving in the US Army where he earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Joe celebrated his 100th birthday on Memorial Day.  I so enjoyed our visit as he told me about being part of the invasion of Sicily on July 10, 1943.  After the war, Joe enjoyed a long career at the US Postal Service.  An amazing man and hero.

Joe Davis

I’m very aware and staying on top of construction related issues with folks living behind Donelson Plaza off of Benson Road.  Don’t hesitate to call my cell – 615-886-9906, and I will stay on top of this and work to ensure there is safe passage for trash trucks, delivery and neighbors just trying to get back and forth to their homes.  Thanks for your patience.  It’s a big project and it’ll be great when finished, but I know it’s a big pain to deal with right now.

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Donelson Non-profit News - June 2019

I am thankful the opportunity to return to visit with the Stones River Women’s Club.  They do a great deal of impactful projects in the community and I always enjoy my annual visits to bring them up to speed on things happening at Metro Council and in Donelson.

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Donelson School News - June 2019

Teachers have gone above and beyond to advocate for improved resources for schools that specifically brings equity to their pay.  I have listened and met with teachers and agree that we are behind in ensuring their pay is fair and allows us to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers.  Same can be said for our public safety and all Metro employees.  The reality is our growth has been on the backs of Metro employees and we have to change that.  Post cards from students whose parents are teachers drives this reality home.  I felt strongly that the substitute budget that was offered (that would’ve raised the property tax rate almost .50 for an extra 1% that would’ve given nothing extra for all other Metro employees) would’ve hampered our ability to fix the structural issues with our budget that ultimately will put us on a course to improving funding for MNPS and all Metro employee pay in the long term.  It will be a top priority in the coming year.  We will discuss it in more detail at the July 11 town hall.

Teachers Pay in Davidson County

I’m pleased that the next Donelson Gateway Project is a beautification of their front entranceway.  Below is the basic plan that JVI Secret Gardens put together for us.  Stay tuned for a fundraising efforts, but feel free to donate at the website above and notate that it’s for Pennington Elementary.  It’ll cost about $1,700.

Pennington Elementary Plan

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Donelson Business News - June 2019

Donelson-Urban-Overlay Donelson Urban Overlay

You'll notice the red and white Metro signs along Lebanon Pike between Briley Parkway and Stewart's Ferry Pike in the Urban Design Overlay.  Over the last several months, some business and property owners and I have been meeting with the Planning Department in terms of streamlining aspects based on how its implementation has been going since its inception a decade ago. Changes have never been made to it and these are purely administrative, working in tandem with Planning and property owners. It does not change anything fundamentally with the vision and rather enhances the ease of its applicability when development occurs. A few duplicative elements are being removed as they're already been addressed in subsequent plans that have been created since then, such as NashvilleNext and the Walk-Bike Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways.  I'm pleased and thankful for how Planning and property owners were all on the same page with this process.  It went before the Planning Commission on Thursday, June 26th and will next go before Council for three readings.  Please feel free to review the red-lined edits here and don't hesitate with any questions.

Congratulations to Mehaul Oleary and team on the grand opening of his new restaurant and pub, The Lost Paddy.  Located at 709 Spence Lane near Murfreesboro Pike, it’s a wonderful new addition to the district.  Thanks to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce for hosting a great ribbon cutting.

The Lost Paddy

Check out Hi5 Practice’s transformation of 936 Allen Road where their new home is located.  Check out the video of the before and after.  Hi5 is a great marketing company that helps connects medical practices with their patients.  Check out a picture of the inside of their office.  Congrats again to Kevin & Sierra Barnett and their team and thanks for the investment in the district!

Hi5 Practice

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Join Me for a Community Conversation “Town Hall” on July 11, Paying Respects to Community Leaders of the Greatest Generation and More Updates

Dear Friends –

I’m humbled to be unopposed on the ballot and so I’ve given thought to how I want to proceed with the re-election process.  If you’ve saved my sign from last time and wish to put it out, please feel free! If you’d like one, please let me know and I’d be honored to get you one. Ensuring we have a strong turnout is important. We of course have Mayor, Vice Mayor and At-Large races as well.

Save the date!  Thursday, July 11th. The Donelson Fellowship at 3210 McGavock Pike across the street from McGavock High School.  Doors open at 6:30pm. Meeting starts at 7pm.  I’ve never done one before, so I’ve decided to do a town hall style meeting and hold a Community Conversation as we assess where we are, how we got here, and what’s ahead for Donelson and Nashville in the next four years and what we can do to get our priorities realigned to refocus on schools, public safety and our Metro employees. I’ve sent a mailer that looks like this below to every registered voter in the 15th District, so you should be receiving one. I look forward to seeing you there and having a constructive conversation about Donelson and Nashville’s future.

Early Voting Election Day

District 15 Community Conversation with Jeff Syracuse

Even though I’m unopposed, I’m honored to be receiving endorsements.  Thanks to our Firefighters and Medics at IAFF Local 140, the Fraternal Order of Police Jackson Lodge #5, and the political committee of the Coalition for Nashville Neighborhoods.

Nashville Fire EMS Rescue

Nashville Business Coalition

Fraternal Order Of Police

Coalition logo Nashville For Neighborhoods

Don’t forget you have until July 2nd to register or change your address, which can be done online.  Go to for all voter information.  If you need one, you can secure an absentee ballot here.  Below is the Early Voting Schedule.

Voting Schedule

The community has lost four community and business leaders recently.  Charlie Cardwell was one of the longest (if not the longest) serving Metro employee and had been our Metro Trustee through six Mayoral administrations I believe.  He embodied professionalism, respect, integrity and what all elected officials should aspire to be.  John Harwell, Sr. invested in Donelson during the early days and brought businesses like Two Rivers Ford to Donelson that were here and thrived for decades.  Larry Keeton and John A. Hobbs were both World War II veterans, were top business leaders in Donelson, gave back in extraordinary ways, they took care of their neighborhoods and so much more.  Dick’s Flowers & Petals, The Larry Keeton Theater, Nashville Palace and John A’s Restaurant have all been places that became institutions in the community that Larry and John A created respectively.  All four of these men earned and deserved great respect from their community because of their leadership in making us the great place we are today.  They will all be missed and their legacy of service to community will be felt forever.

Larry Keeton

John A Hobbs


Jeff Syracuse, Metro Council, District 15

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Donelson Neighborhood News - May 2019

Congratulations to Merry Oaks neighbors for kicking off a campaign event on June 1st from 4-7pm on Woodberry Court to build their own beautified entranceway sign.  If you’re in Merry Oaks or want to contribute to this project, see flyer below for details.

Merry Oaks Neighborhood

Also in Merry Oaks, they were identified as the neighborhood needing paving the most and will be getting the following streets paved during the warm months:

  • Deerwood Road from Fairway Drive to Blue Hills Drive
  • Fairway Drive from Lebanon Pike to Deerwood Road
  • Elm Tree Drive from Elm Hill Pike to Acord Drive
  • Mapleleaf Drive from Elm Tree Drive to Massman Drive

Another sign recently cleaned up by Craigmeade neighbor Josh Gulick turned out great.  Neighbors have plans to continue working on it.

Craigmeade Neighborhood

Thanks to everyone who participated in the May 18 Clean-Up for the community organized by District’s 12 and 15 Beautification Commissioners Erin Evans and Michele Mazzu respectively.  Thanks to McGavock High School for hosting, Sgt Jeff White with MNPD for collecting old prescriptions, Troop 700 for spending the morning collecting tons of trash on the area around McGavock Pike near the school and all the volunteers.  Randy Mazzu, Karen Cowell and I enjoyed cooking burger and hot dogs for everyone in the Dumpster Diner.

Dumpster Diner with Councilman Jeff Syracuse

Dumpster Diner with Councilman Jeff Syracuse

A good friend in music, Shannon Williford was a Metro Parks employee and ran the summer music programs for Parks and also earned a Keeping the Blues Alive Award from The Blues Foundation for his Blues in the Schools programs here in Nashville.  He recently performed one of his programs at Two Rivers Middle.   He and family moved back home to Louisiana and he will be missed but wish him well and so thankful for his friendship and service to so many kids in Nashville.  Terry Bulger at WSMV recently did a story about him.  Enjoy it here.

Congratulations to River Glen HOA President Pam Miller for being a finalist in Neighbor 2 Neighbor ( ’s Trew Neighbor Award named after in remembrance of Donelson’s very own Frank Trew. She was among great neighborhood leaders in the county recognized for her tireless efforts on behalf of her neighborhood.

River Glens Pam Miller Finalist in Neighbor 2 Neighbor

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Donelson Non-For-Profit News - May 2019

The Nashville Symphony will return to Two Rivers Mansion on Sunday, June 9th at 7:30pm.  Come early and get a good seat on the lawn.  This concert is FREE.  Tours of Two Rivers Mansion will begin soon as well.  Visit this link to view the events and to sign up as a volunteer.

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Donelson School News - May 2019

There may still be openings at MNPS Summer Camps and Programs.  Visit this link for more information and to sign up.

Recently, Senior Awards Night at McGavock High School was held to showcase academic and student excellence among a variety of disciplines.  91 seniors received McGavock Covenant Student Scholarships, which are $500 scholarships given to graduating seniors with a 3.0 GPA, 21 ACT, and 8 hours of community service.  This is the only scholarship of its kind in Nashville and the surrounding area that is funded by the community for a local public high school.  Awards were also presented to fine arts students (band, orchestra, theater, dance), cheer and student athletes.  Also, a McGavock student was recognized for being the highest rated Cambridge student in the entire state of Tennessee.

McGavock High School Awards

Metro Nashville Public Schools joins the Nashville Public Education Foundation and Nashville’s Agenda Steering Committee in celebrating this year’s selection of Blue Ribbon Teachers.  In its fifth year, the Blue Ribbon Teacher program aims to recognize top teaching talent in our schools. This year, we’re celebrating fifty exceptional educators who are doing outstanding work in one of three areas: student growth, instructional excellence and teacher leadership.  Blue Ribbon Teachers will be honored at a reception at Vanderbilt in June.  Congrats to McGavock High School’s Laura Vignon and all our fantastic teachers in the county.

Blue Ribbon Teacher Award Recipients

I recently had the opportunity attend the 40th Words and Music Night held at the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It’s an annual event that celebrates the performance of songs written by students and professional Nashville songwriters.  Here is Stanford Montessori’s recent 4th grade graduate Oscar Spitzer accompanied by Shane Adams performing their song “The Beach”.

Words and Music at Country Music Hall Of Fame

Words and Music at Country Music Hall Of Fame


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Donelson Business News - May 2019

It’s a Ball Y’all is a new event honoring extraordinary women in our community.  See flyer below for details and visit this link for tickets and sponsorship opportunities.

Its a Ball Y'all with Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce

Explore what Donelson has to offer at Donelson Day on June 15th from 11am to 3pm at Buchanan Log House (2910 Elm Hill Pike).  Come out and meet your neighborhood businesses and friends.  Businesses that are confirmed to be at the event with more to follow:

  • Caliber Coffee- Cold brew and sweet treats
  • Nashville Flower Market- Build your own flower bouquet
  • Zulemas- Flautas and possibly lemonade
  • Hermitage Dance Academy- 2 different performances
  • Paper and Ink Arts- Kids coloring and drawing area
  • Buddy Allen- Samples and SWAG
  • Rehab Therapy- Physical therapy services with discounted evaluation
  • Music City Fencing- Fencing Demonstration
  • Williams Violins- Try to play a violin
  • Buchanan Log House- House will be open for attendees to see the property
  • Nash 103.3- Listener SWAG and possible giveaway
  • Mind Body Institute- Free chair massages during the event by licensed and massage therapy students
  • Full Metal Flowers- Local metal artist selling items
  • Remington College- SWAG and giving away a free teeth whitening session
  • Kona Ice Truck- Shaved ice for sale during event
  • Jae's Gems- Mining table and mineral display
  • Smart Supplies- Creating the entrance sign displaying "Donelson Day"
  • Hermitage Officers- Patrol cars with sticker badges and kids items
  • Nashville Airport Police Department
  • Semper Sliders- Burger sliders

Donelson Day at Buchanan Log House

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New Donelson Library Project Begins, Unopposed on the Ballot and a New Sister City in Music

Dear Friends –

The groundbreaking for our new Donelson Library was a memorable morning with beautiful weather.  Thanks to everyone who were able to attend.  Nashville Library Director Kent Oliver, student library patron Elijah Byrd and neighbor Diana Bradford spoke on the importance of our library to them.  Mayor Briley and I also spoke and then we officially broke ground on the full project.  As you’ve already noticed, road closures have begun as infrastructure work begins.  Most of the work done this year will be all related to stormwater, road and sidewalks.  Remember to keep tabs with the Donelson Plaza website.  The library itself may not go vertical until next year with hopefully (fingers crossed) completion by the end of 2021.  Below are a few pictures, including our fantastic Donelson Library Branch Manager, Chris Morin, who I couldn’t resist taking a selfie because of his “Libraries Rock” shirt.  They sure do and it’s in large part because of Chris and his staff!

New Donelson Library Project Begins

New Donelson Library Project Begins

New Donelson Library Project Begins

Thanks to everyone who supported our area restaurants on my six-stop Lunch & Brunch Tour and management and staff at Phat Bites, John A’s, Party Fowl, Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace, Nectar: Urban Cantina and Caliber Coffee.  I enjoyed our conversations.  I turned in my ballot and I am humbled and honored to be un-opposed on the ballot this year for re-election.  It’s been the most rewarding yet challenging endeavor of my life and I truly do love the job.  Thanks for your continued support and engagement.  There are a number of opportunities and celebrations ahead for us.

Lunch & Brunch Campaign Tour

Below is the Early Voting Schedule.  If you need one, you can secure an absentee ballot here.  We will of course be voting on Mayor, Vice Mayor and At Large, so be sure to put voting on your calendar and be sure to vote!

Early Voting Schedule

After the horrendous rains in February, they actually compromised the integrity of some bridges in areas along Greenways around us.  It appears one of the worst ones is a critical link between Donelson and East Nashville along Shelby Bottoms.  Metro Parks & Recreation released the below map recently with a detour and more information.

Shelby Bottoms Bridge

In April, I had the extraordinary opportunity to make my second trip to Chengdu, China (on my dime, not the taxpayer’s).  Chengdu is becoming a key city in Asia for trade in a number of industries, notably the music and entertainment industry.  Over the last couple of years, Nashville’s relationship with Chengdu has grown and we’ve officially become Sister Cities.  Council Member Sharon Hurt and I attended the 8th Music Cities Convention.  We were honored to present this framed resolution Metro Council passed and signed by Mayor Briley recognizing this Sister Cities relationship to Mr. Zhong Laizho with the Chengdu Office of Foreign and Overseas Affairs.  I am hopeful this will broaden our cultural sharing, strengthen the dialog on the importance of strong Copyright protections for creators and enhance Nashville’s presence as an international city.  48 cities around the world were present to showcase their music and entertainment economies and it was a fascinating learning experience.  I brought back new relationships from many of those cities that I believe will be of strong value to Nashville in the years ahead.  Special thanks to our Nashville Symphony and Nashville Opera for sharing some small gifts that I was able to present to our hosts and industry leaders in Chengdu.

Chengdu Sister City with Nashville

Chengdu Sister City with Nashville

I wanted to mention a recent story in the Nashville Business Journal I read recently regarding the growing discontent with how Nashville is managing our growth.  In my role as your Council Member, I have a particular acute sense of this from both hearing from you and managing the growth.  This budget season also in particular highlights some of the issues surrounding this.  Teacher pay and MNPS funding, the parking privatization proposal, WeGo (MTA/RTA) reduced service and increased fares, and other issues have surfaced as indicative of how and why we need to double down on efforts to be fiscally conservative, cease large incentives that negatively impact our operating budget, put our Metro employees first and protect the quality of life Nashville residents deserve to have.  The larger issue is that our property tax rate is the lowest it’s ever been in Metro’s history.  As we’ve gone through this budget process, it’s clear we don’t have sufficient revenues to meet the demands of our growing city, especially when after our regular property reappraisal that caused the rate to drop so low since per State law, we can’t generate revenue on a reassessment, so when the value goes up, the rate must come down to equalize the overall revenue generated by property taxes.  While I believe there is broad consensus we need to adjust our property tax rate, I want to first ensure we are fundamentally changing direction to not fund unabated growth downtown through “corporate welfare” type of incentives that will only add to debt and negatively impact our operating budget.  If we can achieve that and the increased revenues are dedicated to teachers, schools, police, fire and Metro employees, then I can support that.  The reality is that our Metro employees have taken the brunt of our growth in working so hard with little to no cost of living adjustments while we recovered from the Great Recession and May 2010 flood.  We owe our Metro employees a great deal because of the work they’ve done.  I’m not sure if will be this year or next, but I believe a property tax rate proposal will come before us at some point and I believe it will ultimately be warranted as long as it accompanies a budget that is not focused on debt and growth, but managing growth and funding basic services.

Metro Emergency Alert and Notification System (MEANS) is a new public safety program that enables Metro to let you know what safety actions to take when there’s danger.  Once registered, you can choose how to receive communications: cellphone, landline, text/SMS, or TTY.  Users can enter one or more addresses to receive location-based emergency notifications.  For example, if a user adds their home and work address to their account, they will receive emergency notifications when either of these two addresses is within the boundaries of an alert’s location.  If a user wishes to only receive countywide text/SMS messages, they can simply text the keyword ‘NashAlerts’ to 888-777.

Users with smartphones are also urged to download the Everbridge Mobile App from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).  The Everbridge app brings the added security of delivering alerts to cell phones based on a user’s physical location at the time of an emergency.  When you register and provide your contact information, MEANS enables us to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as criminal activity and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods.  Get the alerts you want, the way you want – cell or landline phone call, text, email or TTY.

PRO TIP: When you register, please provide at least one street address. This can be your home address, or the address of a nearby grocery store, library or fire station. An address is not required, but it will ensure that the alerts you receive are focused on locations that matter to you -- places where you live, work and play.

Metro Emergency Alert and Notification System

This summer, consider taking a class through Nashville Community Education.  Check out their Summer 2019.

Thousands of veterans will receive free dental care on Saturday, June 8th, when Aspen dentists and their teams from more than 450 offices across 39 states open their doors for Aspen Dental’s 6th annual National Day of Service, including 4054 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage.  Many veterans struggle to find accessible and affordable dental care, in particular because most aren’t eligible for dental benefits through the VA unless they’re 100% disabled, have a service-related mouth injury or were a prisoner of war.  It’s estimated that 470,390 veterans live in Tennessee.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Interested veterans need an appointment to receive care and should call 1-844-AspenHMM (1-844-277-3646) to find a participating practice in their community and schedule an appointment in advance – space is limited and appointments are filling-up fast!
  • Spread the word in your community! Be sure to use #HealthyMouthMovement and @AspenDental when posting on Twitter and Facebook. Below are some sample posts you can share.


jeff syracuse

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Donelson Neighborhood News - April 2019

I’m pleased to report that a short but high priority stretch of sidewalk that I’ve been advocating for many years has been funded.  I took this picture one morning on my way to the gym and posted it to Instagram as a reminder to of what motivates me.  For almost two decades, I’ve watched my neighbors walk the white line on the edge of Lebanon Pike to make it to the WeGo bus stop.  I’ve seen elderly, mothers with babies in strollers and even school children cross from the other side of Lebanon Pike across four lanes and a median to get into Donelson Hills.  It can’t be built fast enough.

Donelson Hills Unsafe Area For Pedestrians

Speaking of unsafe areas for pedestrians, Walk Bike Nashville has launched an “” initiative to highlight the most dangerous areas in Davidson County to cross.  It is based on 2010-2013 crash data from Public Works where pedestrian injury and/or fatalities have occurred.  I support the work of Walk Bike Nashville and encourage everyone to join them.  Here is data specific to District 15.

Impossible Crossings

Thanks to the Spence Enclave Home Owner’s Association for inviting me out to their annual Spring meeting on March 23rd.  At that meeting, the engineer and real estate representative for the buyer as part of a development team working on a small strip center at 1510 Lebanon Pike came to present their proposal.  It would be the first development that would adhere to the requirements of the Lebanon Pike Study we spent time putting together last year.  The proposal would redevelop the property (currently a former single family home being used as an office for a cab company) into a small strip center that would be anchored by a Burger King.  While no one is thrilled at the concept of a Burger King, the development team assured neighbors that their desired tenants with the other two or three spaces would be quality and not anything to lower the quality of the area (i.e. cash advance / payday loan, vape shop, etc.).  They are scheduled to be at the Planning Commission on Thursday, April 25th.  This is a public hearing and the meeting starts at 4pm.  Keep tabs with the Planning Commission’s website here where the agenda will be released (generally a week before the meeting).  There will be three readings then at Council and the second will also be a public hearing.

Burger King coming to Donelson

Save the date!  Saturday, May 18th from 8am – noon will be our annual spring clean-up for Districts 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.  If your neighborhood would like to participate in a clean-up project, please contact Michele Mazzu at and she can help support you with supplies.  I hear there will be a “Dumpster Diner” at the bulk item drop off location at McGavock High School.

Dumpster Diner

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Donelson Non-Profit News - April 2019

Leadership Donelson Hermtage’s Lead-UP event that is a gathering of those interested in being part of the next class was one of the largest turn-outs I’ve seen.  Executive Director Deann Bradford and the board do an amazing job with the organization.  I encourage everyone to check out their website as there is something for everyone that will enrich your life and help create lifelong friendships and great business networking opportunities.  Their events are great as well and are open to anyone who would like to support the organization.  Here’s a picture of me (Class of 2013) with two great people – Deann Bradford and Phil Ponder (Class of 1999).

Leadership Lead Up

I thoroughly enjoyed being a speaker at a recent Donelson-Hermitage Exchange Club meeting.  They are a great organization and serve our community in extraordinary ways.

Donelson Hermitage Exchange Club

FiftyForward Donelson Station will be having their annual Pancake Breakfast, plant sale and Clean Up and Bulk Item Drop Off on Saturday, April 13th.  See flyer below for details and phone number to inquire further.  Also, special this year will be a “Planting for Pollinators” with 15th District Beautification Commissioner Michele Mazzu from 10am – 11am.  Bees, butterflies and other insects help to fertilize plants as well as add natural beauty to out landscapes.  Learn which plants pollinators love and things to avoid in order to attract them to your garden.  There will be a giveaway of five pollinator loving plants.

Pancake Breakfast

I had a great opportunity to welcome Colin Magee and Anne Coulter from Belfast, founders of the PANARTS Belfast Nashville Songwriter Festival.  They brought three wonderful songwriters from Belfast on Saint Patrick’s Day to NECAT Network’s studios for a special show taping.  Niamh McGlinchey, Allison Mcgrath and Rory Nellis all performed original songs.  Belfast is a Sister City of Nashville’s and we have a special relationship.

NECAT Belfast

The Volunteers of America will be holding a great fundraiser concert in Music Valley at the Texas Troubadour Theater on April 12th.  It’s a great musical line up.  See flyer below for details.

Volunteers Of America Fundraiser

The Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market is back in less than a month!  It’ll be returning to Two Rivers Mansion.  See flyer below for details.

Hip D Farmers Market

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Donelson School News - April 2019

Congratulations to McGavock Elementary 4th graders Quetzaly Roman Loaeza and Veronica Vargas Alonso for winning the Nashville Beautiful Art Contest showcasing the importance of recycling in the county.  Their art will be displayed on this truck pictured below for a whole year!

McGavock Elementary

I had a blast reading “Going Places” to Ms. Finley’s 3rd grade class at Pennignton Elementary as part of Read Across America Week.  I think the picture below shows how much fun these kids were.  They are definitely “going places”!

Pennington Elementary

The CMA Foundation, the national music education nonprofit and the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association, will host its fourth annual Music Teachers of Excellence Awards on April 30th, 2019, and John David Hazlett, Director of Bands at McGavock High School is among the honorees!  The invite-only event will honor 30 music educators from across the country for their dedication and commitment to music education in their classroom and throughout their school community.  The CMA Foundation created the Music Teachers of Excellence program in 2016 in an effort to recognize the best and brightest music teachers from Nashville and beyond.  Award recipients are selected because of their dedication to bringing a quality music program to their students and the impact they’ve had on their school community through music.  In addition to a night of celebration, Mr. Hazlett will receive $2,500 to invest in his music classroom to help drive their program forward and an additional $2,500 as a personal stipend.

John David Hazlett

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