Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15
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Donelson Business News - September 2016

If you haven’t been down to Scoreboard Smokehouse Bar & Grill down in Music Valley, earlier this summer they added a huge covered deck that adds a whole new dimension this great restaurant.  Especially as the weather begins to cool a bit, I encourage you to go check it out.  They have great food and it’s a great place of course to watch a game with friends.

Many have noticed the great renovation that Roundtree Apartments has gone through and it truly looks great.  They have completed their renovation with a rebranding and renaming to Music City Flats.  It’s a great option for folks wanting to be both close to Donelson and downtown.

Donelson Non-Profit News - September 2016
Donelson School News - September 2016

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