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Donelson School News - May 2017

The Centennial Jam Band Camp is a music-intensive week.  A student gets to spend 5 days in a row doing what he/she loves - playing music!  Metro Parks Music Department has been hosting Jam Band Camp for more than ten years.  Many of their alums are now making their marks in the adult music world.  Kids will learn to play popular music (rock, R&B, country, etc.) in a band by ear.  Groove. Stage Cues. Solos. Singing. Harmony. Teamwork. They cover all aspects of live playing, by doing it.  Any child ages 10 to 18 and still in school is wanted, as long as she/he can play an instrument.  Novices to virtuosos are welcome.  Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and any other instrument players who want to rock, please join Centennial jamBands Summer Intensive Jam Band Camp.  Camps run from June 12-16 and June 26-30.  It costs $150.00 for a whole week.  Scholarships are available.  Contact Metro Parks Music Supervisor Sam Frazee at or call 615-862-8440 for information about a placement audition.

 Jam Band Camp

I had the honor to join District 4 School Board Member (and Chair of the School Board) Anna Shepherd as special guests at the annual McGavock Band Banquet.  This was my second year to attend.  It brings back great memories of my days in the band program at school.  It’s a wonderful organization led by great teachers, staff and supportive parents and families.  Congrats to the McGavock Band on all your successes this past year!  Below is a candle that was on each table representing the theme of last year’s Marching Band show and also the seniors on stage who are given special recognition.

McGavock Band Banquet

 McGavock Band Banquet

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Donelson Non-Profit News - May 2017

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