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Donelson School News

I hope all the kids enjoyed their break and are back to working hard.  Congrats to all the many students at McGavock Elementary for meeting their academic goals.  Here’s a great picture from Twitter of the goal wall overflowing.

Check out these two great blog entries from McGavock High School students that highlight what great opportunities our kids have there.  Click here and here to read them.

Metro Nashville Public Schools is starting an annual parent survey.  I took it in less than 10 minutes.  It’d be great to give a lot of input from Donelson parents and grandparents who have kids in our schools.

Save those box tops!  Even if you don’t have kids in our schools, it’s an easy way for the whole community to support them.  To search which schools collect them, visit this link and you’ll also note the goal set for each school and what they have earned so far.  Let’s help them all meet their goals!

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