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Donelson Neighborhood News - November 2019

I was very pleased that Merry Oaks was selected to be part of the revamped Traffic Calming Program.  Launched last year in a new format, it ensures that data-driven decision making is used twice a year to ensure the greatest efficacy of efforts in our neighborhoods.  Merry Oaks scored high as far as speeding and incidents within neighborhoods.  Thanks to Merry Oaks neighbor John Landing for applying and leading this effort, the subsequent neighborhood meeting was well attended and feedback was used to put together the below preliminary investments to slow traffic down and make it more friendly for pedestrians and drivers alike.  Work will continue with the neighbors of Merry Oaks to refine the investments.  I encourage all neighborhoods to apply for the program and work towards improve the conditions in your neighborhood.

Merry Oaks 1 Traffic Calming Program Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Merry Oaks

Merry Oaks

Merry Oaks

I may be biased since this is my neighborhood, but Donelson Hills Neighborhood Association does a great job every year with our annual Halloween Block Party.  Check out all these great costumes!

Donelson Hills

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Non-Profit Donelson News - November 2019

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