Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15
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Donelson Neighborhood News - May 2017

As I’ve reported in previous newsletters, I’m very much aware that the Traffic Calming Program in Metro is greatly needed in many of our neighborhoods.  It’s a slow process, primarily because it’s currently a contract position with Metro.  However, I believe that with this upcoming budget, that will change and more resources will be devoted to it.  I know questions wondering why such as speed bumps, speed humps and other techniques and elements that we see in other cities aren’t used here are on the minds of a lot of neighbors.  I’m hopeful that as we improve the quality and availability of this program, we’ll see an increase in a variety of tools and techniques.  The above website has a link for you to request traffic calming in your neighborhood.

Brush Pick-Up is coming soon, so get out there and clean up your yards and get the brush to the curb.

With the warm weather here, that means door-to-door sales folks will be walking the neighborhoods.  Remember that Metro has a Do Not Knock List and you have to renew every year.

Donelson Business News - May 2017
Short Term Rental Bill Deferred, Stones River Bend...

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