Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15
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Donelson Neighborhood News - March-April 2017

Special thanks to River Glen neighbors Kerra Bennett, who helped organize a litter clean-up of Pennington Bend Road.  With help from 15th District Beautification Commissioner Naomi Regensburg who provided bright shirts, bags and gloves, a team of us went from the McGavock Pike / Pennington Bend Road intersection to the River Glen neighborhood entrance.  Very special thanks goes to Sgt Jeff White with our Hermitage Precinct, who accompanied us in his patrol car and on foot to help ensure the traffic on Pennington Bend Road was aware of people walking on the shoulder.  Check out all the bags of trash below that we collected.  Great team effort!

Pennington Bend Road Clean Up - Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Power outages in our neighborhoods are a frustrating experience I know very well.  In my early days of being a neighborhood leader, Donelson Hills had persistent power outages, even in decent weather.  We finally got to the bottom of it and the issue was fixed.  So, when I hear from neighborhoods that experience a similar situation, I definitely feel your pain.  During storms, I do want to point out that NES crews work extraordinarily hard and do a good job.  The NES Power Outage Map is a good resource.  Don’t forget to call 234-0000 when your power it out.  The volume of calls can help target resources to address an issue.

Sunset View and River Glen in Pennington Bend are two neighborhoods that I know experience more frequent outages.  One thing I did learn about recently is the plan for upgrading Sunset View’s 4kV substation.  It’s part of the NES five-year plan for conversion.  According to their planning section, the engineering work is budgeted for FY2019-2020 with construction to be performed in FY2020-2021.  With the conversion, they’ll rebuild most all of the distribution in that area, so, that should improve reliability significantly.

Big thanks to neighborhoods that have invited me to speak at their Spring meetings.  So far, I’ve been to Bluefields and Lincoya Hills with Sunset View, Cottage Place Condos, Maplecrest and Donelson Hills coming up as well.  I appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you have and let you know about all the things going on at Council and in the community.

Donelson Business News - March-April 2017
Spring Clean-Up, the Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market ...

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