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Donelson Neighborhood News - August 2019

Do you live in the Perry Heights neighborhood?  You’ve no doubt noticed one of your entranceway signs along Elm Hill Pike has fallen.  I’d like to help out and have engaged Joslin Sign Company to recreate them.  I need your help and engagement.  Please contact me and let’s raise a few funds in the neighborhood to bring back the neighborhood’s entranceway sign.  If you’re on Facebook and live in Perry Heights, I encourage you to join their neighborhood group here.  I’d love to see the neighborhood more organized and engaged.  I think this need to rally around replacing and maintaining the entranceway signs is a good cause to get behind!  Here’s a picture of the existing one on Donelson Pike.

 Perry Heights Sign Campaign

Speaking of neighborhood Facebook groups, I’ve recently created one for Craigmeade.  It’s a great neighborhood and has had some grassroots neighborhood leadership in the past.  Some newer neighbors have asked me about a communication network and getting more engaged.  If you live in Craigmeade, please join their Facebook group here.

Ensuring our neighborhoods are engaged, organized and strong is critical to keeping them the places we know and love to call home.

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Donelson Non-Profit - August 2019

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