Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15
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Donelson Council News - April 2016

Dear Friends,

This may be my longest newsletter yet!  Lots of good things are in each section.  Be sure to visit the Neighborhood News section about an important Community Meeting on sidewalks coming to the heart of Donelson and a lot more important information on great neighbors doing good things for Donelson.

McGavock High School graduate and MTSU student Robert Bagwell contacted me to ask if he could feature me in a personal profile video project.  I was honored.  It turned out really nice and of course my favorite part is how Joey is featured.  Check it out here.  Another personal profile that Robert did featured Donelson’s own former MNPD Chief Joe Casey.  Check that out here.

Mayor Barry will deliver the State of Metro address on Friday, April 29th at 11:30am at the Ascend Amphitheater downtown.  The administration has requested everyone RSVP here to get a count of those attending.  McGavock High School Marching Band as well as other performances will occur as well.  The Mayor presents her budget proposal to Metro Council after the address.

The update to the Strategic Plan for Sidewalks & Bikeways is underway and I hope to have very strong participation amongst all Donelson neighbors and businesses!  It begins with a  where you can plot out needed sidewalk and bike lane projects and take a survey.  Please get involved, sign up for email updates, engage in social media and help bring strong advocacy for Donelson’s many needs for improved sidewalks and bike lanes.

A $35-40 million Metro Water project is coming.  This is a waterline redundancy project to ensure water supply and consistent water pressure for the eastern side of the county and has been in the long-term Metro Water needs for some time.  See the map below for the streets that will be impacted by construction.  District 14 Councilman Kevin Rhoten and I will be having a community meeting once the contractor has been selected.  Metro Water hopes to have a contractor by the end of this summer (which would mean work may begin in the Fall), but that has not yet been confirmed.  CM Rhoten and I will keep everyone informed as this progresses and when a community meeting will be taking place.


I’m very happy that my bills BL2016-117 and BL2016-132 to give better differentiation between a Financial Institution and Alternative Financial Services business as well as adding Flex Loans to the distance requirements passed third and final reading at the March 15th Council Meeting.  In regards to the situation of Tennessee Quick Cash, after they were denied by the Board of Zoning Appeals, their option was to appeal that decision in court.  They unfortunately decided to take that course of action.  I’m staying on top of this and hope that the courts will uphold the Board of Zoning Appeals denial of their desire to use the former Papa Murphy’s building as an Alternative Financial Services business.

MTA has made some changes to their bus system routing and availabilty.  A few positive schedule additions and changes have occurred to the #6 line on Lebanon Pike.  They are:

  • The routing to downtown has changed.Buses traveling to downtown on Broadway will turn right on 2nd Avenue, left on Union and right on 5th Avenue to Music City Central.
  • Service has been added on Saturdays from 6:30am to 7:15pm.
  • Saturday buses will depart from Bay 7 at Music City Central.
  • There are several time adjustments.  View the full map and schedule here.



Donelson Neighborhood News - April 2016
Frank Trew

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