Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15
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April Campaign News

March has been a busy month with petitions being released and campaigns across the county gear up for full steam ahead.  We had four meet & greets this past month to discuss Donelson and sign my petition.  Big thanks goes to my wonderful hosts – Al & Stephanie Pruitt Gaines in my neighborhood of Donelson Hills, Mike & Karen Cowell in Merry Oaks (with help from Naomi Regensburg), David & Maggie Sidlinger in Bluefields (with help from Lara Tucker) and Julie Buhler, Emily Nix and the team at Phat Bites for hosting a great after work birthday party and meet & greet!  It was a great time at each getting to know new neighbors and listening to your thoughts and concerns for our community and in your neighborhoods.  The Davidson County Election Commission gives you two petition forms with 67 blanks on them each.  You only need 25 valid signatures to be placed on the ballot, but I successfully filled up every blank and my sincere thanks goes out to each of you who came to one of the meet & greets, took time to meet with me or invited me to your home to sign it. 

Petition Signed and Delivered - Jeff Syracuse for Metro 15


Join us on Monday, April 20 from 5:30-7:30pm at John A’s for a campaign event.  There are always good times at John A’s and I especially want to invite neighbors in Pennington Bend and businesses in Music Valley to come to discuss issues and things going on in the valley.  Thanks to the Hobbs family for hosting and all the support!

Reception for Jeff Syracuse for Metro 15 - John A's - April-20

I have a new Soul of a City blog that I’m really excited about.  Leon Rhodes is one of our neighbors who is a truly gifted musical legend.  His music is timeless and his story is just fascinating.  I hope you enjoy it and a selection of music from his long career.  It’s especially poignant and important to honor someone like Leon because of the recent news of the Midnite Jamboree in the Texas Troubadour Theater in Music Valley has gone on hiatus due to financial troubles.  Read about the Midnite Jamboree Association that has been formed to help keep it going.

Jack Kirby
April Non-Profit News

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