Donelson School News - August 2017

A few parents at Pennington Elementary reached out to me about a meeting that was being held at the school to discuss the issues surrounding the construction project.  I didn’t know about the meeting until that day so I wasn’t able to attend.  Our School Board Member, Anna Shepherd, did attend and learned the meeting was informative.  As I understand, the project is slated to be completed by mid-2018.  It’s not ideal and I believe the contractor will find it difficult to be involved with future MNPS projects after this.  I’m sorry to hear about these delays and challenges but it sounds like the staff and administration are doing a good job managing it the best they can and any immediate safety issues have been properly addressed.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional concerns.

Welcome back to all students and best of luck in this new school year!

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Donelson Non-Profit News - August 2017

There are just a few more weeks to enjoy the summer Two Rivers Mansion tours, which now include a tour of our freshly furnished 1802 House.  Docent-led tours are available every Monday, Thursday and Friday in August from 11:00am – 4:00pm.  Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children.  Members are always free.

1802 House Two Rivers Mansion Tours

I had the pleasure of watching the National Wheelcats championship game held at McGavock High School.  Nashville won!  It was fun to watch and the teams are competitive.  It was an eye opener about the challenges they face but very uplifting to see how the teams overcome them.  As we grow our Metro Parks system, we need to ensure we have facilities and support for everyone.

National Wheelcats Championship Nashville

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Donelson Business News - August 2017

It’s exciting times in Donelson as news of positive developments is all around us.  It’s going to be a busy last half of the year.  Here’s an update on potential/rumored and “coming soon” developments:

  • The former Phillips 66 gas station at the corner of Fairway and Lebanon Pk – What we see going on is the standard environmental clean-up that has to happen when a gas station leaves a property. There have been a few rumors about what’s coming to the property, but it appears the closing has been pushed back to late Fall, so we won’t know anything for a while.
  • Party Fowl at the former Johnson’s Furniture building – They’re almost there with final plans and permits and the opening should be around March 1, 2018. Construction should begin in the weeks ahead hopefully once they officially secure all permits.
  • Nectar Urban Cantina behind Walgreens on McGavock Pike – They’re making great progress and it looks fantastic! Should be open in the weeks ahead.  Follow their progress on Facebook.
  • A new location for Old Hickory Credit Union is going up near Batson Home’s new construction at the corner of Donelson Pike and Lakeland.
  • City Side Center on Spence Lane near Margaret Allen Middle School – Mixed-use development with up to 9,400 square feet of commercial space is going through the Planning process.
  • Sleep Outfitters is leaving the Dollar General shopping center at Fairway Dr / Lebanon Pike this Fall. A sign is up advertising the space available for lease.
  • The new area for the new office building at 2540 Park Drive was cleared and construction could begin soon once permits are secured.
  • The Somerset at 1604 Lebanon Pike – 25 townhomes. Passed second reading at Council.
  • 36-unit apartment complex at 1636 Lebanon Pk – They’re working on securing permits and would like to start construction sometime this Fall.
  • Hotels in various stages of the development process:
    • A Loft – McGavock Pk near Elm Hill Pike. Still in early stages.
    • In the Century City area off of Perimeter Court – Holiday Inn
    • In the Century City area on Century Blvd – Hyatt House
    • In the Century City area on Ermac Drive – Candlewood Suites
    • On Music Valley Drive – Residence Inn
  • Donelson Plaza – Making good progress slowly but surely. Lots of details to work out, but hoping it will be a feature of a subsequent newsletter soon and then we will have a community meeting.
  • Donelson Library – Same as above. Hoping to schedule a community meeting about this during the Fall.
  • 200-unit multi-family development across from FiftyForward – Passed second reading at Council and is moving forward.
  • Donelson Station – The State passed authorizing legislation that allows MDHA to create redevelopment districts around “Transit Centers”. I’ve met once with MDHA, Metro Planning, RTA and the Pennrose development team to discuss starting this process as it would be of great benefit to the future development on the RTA land as well as the surrounding area.  More info to come in the weeks and months ahead.  There will be a community meeting about this.
  • Bowtie Barista – They are in a “soft opening” stage and should be fully open in the weeks ahead. I had an opportunity to check them out and it’s fantastic!  Donelson is going to love this coffee shop.

Joey Syracuse Bowtie Barista

Congratulations to Cloud 9 Salon & Day Spa on celebrating their one-year anniversary.  Located at 2623 Lebanon Pike, they cover all aspects in the area of health and beauty.  An outward expression for the love of caring for all is the primary goal of the stylist and staff and their Mission is “to show and educate individuals how to care for themselves embracing bodywork from head to toe.  Offering a luxurious taste of Heaven while on Earth by providing services which are vital and valuable as pampering evolves."  Cloud 9 offers services such as massage, hair styling, manicures, pedicures, waxing services, facials, and make-up application.  Follow then on their website here and Facebook here.  Their phone number is 615-540-3934.

Cloud 9 Salon and Day Spa

The court process is finally moving forward for TN Quick Cash.  The State Court of Appeals date is August 22.  The court generally makes a decision in about 30 days after that.  If we win, they then have 60 days to file a petition to the TN State Supreme Court.  This is frustratingly slow indeed and the building remains empty until the process is final.

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Donelson Neighborhood News - August 2017

I’m pleased to share two good pieces of news for Maplecrest.  The first is the long awaited sidewalk on Fairway Drive.  It’s finally moving forward.  Public Works is hoping to start work on it this fall, but legislation has to go through for right of way acquisition and working with each property owner still needs to happen, but we’re getting there.  Here is a diagram.

Fairway Drive New Sidewalk Coming

The second update for Maplecrest is the Traffic Calming improvement.  Thanks to Stanford Montessori Principal Angela Bailey and Maplecrest Neighborhood Association President Russell Hobbs for their support and involvement.  Below is the plan.

Maplecrest School Zone Plan District 15

At the Metro Council Meeting on August 1, one piece of legislation that was up for second reading (Public Hearing) was a proposal to change zoning of 3233 Knobview Drive from Residential to a Specific Plan in order to make it a commercial property and allow a hair salon to operate there.  Several neighbors did show up in support of Pay Raynor and several showed up in opposition.  I did not support this effort and it was Ms. Raynor’s attorney who filed this.  This is an inappropriate use of an SP and was recommended for disapproval by the Planning Department and Planning Commission.  The majority of neighbors were against this as well.  We simply do not have a proper zoning tool to allow a commercial business in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  We are dealing with the Short Term Rental situation now and I have explained to Pat, after we get through this, I’d be willing to discuss what pragmatic options we could pursue to allow this but she was not willing to wait.  Metro currently allows a Home Occupation Permit that permits those working in their homes that do not have customers coming to their home but this would be a full commercial business.  You can watch this at the Council meeting rebroadcast at this link.  Scroll to about 19 minutes in.

Over the past several months, there has been an increase in development activity along the western section of Pennington Bend Road along the Cumberland River.  Unfortunately, that has been accompanied by variance requests to build across the line into the floodway buffer.  I cannot in good conscious support a variance of being allowed to build into the floodway buffer.  This is just plain dangerous and would create the conditions that would bring greater damage by the next flood.  After the May 2010 flood, Metro purchased properties that were flood damaged along the river to decrease density and allow greater flood storage.  The lots that were privately owned and not yet developed were not purchased.  The process is such that the applicant must first go to the Board of Zoning Appeals and if granted the appeal, they then have to go back to the Metro Stormwater Management Committee.  2319 Pennington Bend Road was granted an appeal by the BZA.  I spoke against it.  At the August 3rd Stormwater Management Committee meeting, I also spoke against it.  Scroll to about 20 minutes into the meeting.  It was deferred until 30 days.  You can watch the committee meeting at the link above.  I will continue to fight against these types of variance requests.  I believe it is irresponsible development practices to want to develop into a floodway buffer.

Metro Arts’ THRIVE funding available again.  Artists can receive up to $8,000 for community-based and artist-driven projects.  Contact Lauren Fitzgerald at 615.862.6736 or for more information and visit Metro Arts website.

Those that have recently visited Two Rivers Park playgrounds, you may have noticed the smaller one was removed recently.  It was older and not safe anymore.  I was able to secure $150,000 from Metro Parks for its replacement.  It should happen soon.

Our Metro Police Department routinely sends out a Community Policing Survey and asks for feedback.  I have it attached below.  Feel free to complete it and send to Sgt Jeff White at the Hermitage Precinct at

Community Policing Survey Metro Police Department


Metro Stormwater has a one page educational letter they send out to folks to educate about proper disposal of yard waste.  I thought it’d be helpful to share.  See below and feel free to share with neighbors.

Stormwater Yard Waste Education Letter

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Cavalia comes to Pennington Bend, Historic Overlay and Community Meeting for Belair Mansion and More Development Updates

Dear Friends –

Thanks to those who live in and around Pennington Bend who came to the community meeting about Cavalia, the equestrian theatrical show coming to Ryman Hospitality’s land just east of Briley Parkway.  Please visit the website at the link above for more information.  Below are some of the slides that were presented at the meeting.  Also of note is that as a token of good will, the management team of Cavalia is offering an opportunity for directly adjacent neighbors to see the show for free since they are the most impacted by this show.  If you attended the meeting and signed the Sign In Sheet, you should be contacted.  If you weren’t able to attend the meeting, please email and provide them your address to verify your residence.  Please do not abuse this kind gesture.

Cavalia Equestrian Theatrical Show

Cavalia Equestrian Theatrical Show Village

Cavalia Equestrian Theatrical Show Site Map


Cavalia Equestrian Theatrical Show Arial View

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you a very bright young man, Aidan Rowan, who has been shadowing me this summer learning about the job of a Council Member and assisting with a couple projects.  Aidan is a Nashville native whose parents grew up in Donelson and Aidan lived here his first nine years.  He was a part of the 2016 graduating class of University School of Nashville.  Currently he is a part of the Tufts University class of 2020, where he is majoring in Political Science and Philosophy.  He's passionate about the community.  In his spare time, Aidan likes to watch the Titans, Predators and Reds, as well as helping out with his school's Model United Nations organization.

Aidan Rowan Shadowing Councilman Syracuse

I’m very proud that the Historic Overlay passed on third reading at the July 18 Council Meeting.  The next step is to review a site plan and hold a community meeting.  The site plan will have to go through the same Planning Commission and Council process that the Overlay went through.  We will have a Community Meeting on Tuesday, August 29th at 7pm at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.  Thanks to Russell Hobbs, Maplecrest Neighborhood Association, for helping set up this meeting.  I look forward to seeing you there and providing input on this proposed site plan.

I learned recently from State Representative Bill Beck and Darren Jernigan that Briley Parkway will be paved from where TDOT stopped last year at the McGavock Pike interchange down to Two Rivers Parkway.  They should be starting soon and done by around October.

The boat ramp at the end of McGavock Pike in the Opry / Music Valley area has officially been transferred to Metro.  Metro Parks is actively working on the site and creating signage.  When it’s ready in the next several weeks, we will have a ribbon cutting and officially open it up to the public.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that.

For those about to enjoy the Solar Eclipse, here is some information from Metro Parks.  Be sure to protect your eyes with the proper eye glasses!

Solar Eclipse 2017 Viewing in Metro Parks


MTA has created two flyers detailing the change in fares that recently went into effect.  See below.

MTA Announces Fare Reductions August 2017


MTA Fare Reductions August 2017



Jeff Syracuse


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Donelson School News - July 2017

Congratulations to McGavock Elementary School’s Lee Farrar, who was named Elementary Librarian of the Year.

Lee Farrar Elementary School Librarian of the Year

It was great to join members of the McGavock Cluster Coalition and Donelson-Hermitage Chamber in congratulating McGavock High School students on their last day.  The First Day and Last Day celebrations are a great way for the community to show their support for our students.

McGavock High School Last Day

If you need to enroll your child in school, you’re still able to do so.  For the first year ever, MNPS is opening two MNPS Enrollment Centers on Saturdays in July from 8am – noon.  You can enroll, withdraw or transfer your child.  English Learner assessments will also be available at both locations.  See details on dates and locations below.  To determine what documents to bring, check out the list here. If you can't make it to one of these two locations on a Saturday visit one of 11 enrollment centers during regular hours (7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., weekdays).

I thoroughly enjoyed a tour and lunch with the staff of Arts Institute of Tennessee – Nashville.  The lunch was made by students who are working to learn how to manage a commercial kitchen and restaurant.  The educational offerings at the school are vast and truly support our hospitality, entertainment and related other industries.  They do an excellent job at job placement as well.  Below is a picture of President Greg Chapman (to my right) and members of his staff.

Arts Institute of Tennessee

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Donelson Non-Profit News - July 2017

Phat Bites has partnered with Hip Donelson and local non-profits to offer a free meal to eligible families in need up through the August 4th market.  See the flyer below for more information and contact info to support this effort.

Hip Eats

My thanks to the Stones River Women’s Club for inviting to speak to their membership luncheon meeting last month.  Any ladies interested in getting involved in this club that has been active for over 50 years and has done a great deal of work to preserve and advance Two Rivers Mansion, please contact Karen Cowell at 615-812-4798 or

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Donelson Business News - July 2017

Donelson Corner is in the process of receiving an upgrade and facelift and will encourage great new tenants at the shopping center as well.  I’m thankful to HJL Properties, run by the Eakes family, for making this investment.  Below is a rendering of what the completed project will look like.

Donelson Corner Revitalization

Two buildings at the corner of Graylynn Drive and Lebanon Pike have received a nice upgrade and renovation.  Deli Dogs & Sweet Treats at 104 Graylynn Drive serves delicious hot dogs, smoked sausage, grilled cheese and other favorites in addition to delicious desserts.  Right in front of the restaurant is the former Jackie’s Barber Shop that was painted to match the building behind it and is now Monty’s Barber Shop.  Both of these businesses will be having a Grand Opening for the community on Saturday, July 22nd, so please spread the word and come on out.

Deli Dogs Sweets and Tweets


Deli Dogs Menu

Monty's Barber Shop

Music Valley has a new restaurant to try out and this one supports Veteran’s unemployment issue as well.  Semper Sliders offers a variety of sliders including beef, chicken, pork and Portobello.  They are located just under the Music Valley Village sign at the entrance.  You can’t miss the green trailer.  Below is a flyer with employment and more information about this new business and a check out this story from News Channel 5 here.

Semper Sliders in Music Valley Village

The proposed multi-family development across the street from Donelson Station was approved by the Planning Commission on June 22.  You can read the action agenda from the Commission here.  It will next be at the full Council for Public Hearing on Tuesday, August 1st.  Keep tabs with the Metro Council Agenda page.

The Kmart-anchored shopping center on Donelson Pike was sold recently for $5.8 million.  There are no current plans for any changes to occur with shopping center and Kmart is not closing.  Check out an article from The Tennessean here with more information.

Congratulations to The Nashville Palace on their 40th Anniversary.  Big thanks to John A. Hobbs for creating and supporting this now legendary music venue in Nashville and his grandson, Barrett Hobbs, for continuing on making it a place to showcase great talent, both up and coming and well-known.  I’m honored to present them a proclamation recognizing this mile stone later this year.  Check out an article from The Tennessean about this story here.

A number of folks have asked me what the parking lot at 1809 Lebanon Pike is going in across from the Clovernook neighborhood.  Ultimately, it is affiliated with the Mercedes Benz dealership being constructed at the I-40 / Briley Parkway interchange.  It will be an auxiliary lot for their operations.

Several have noticed some infrastructure pieces being brought in to the site that is being raised up near Mill Creek and next do Donelson Hills.  This development proposal passed in 2011 and they will only develop ten of the forty acres.  The ten acres will include 18,000 square feet of retail at the front and about fifty small homes behind it.  They’ve been building up the ten acres to be developed over the past several years to be at grade with Lebanon Pike.  The other thirty acres will be arbors, trails and wetlands and could connect to future parts of the Greenway system.  The development team recently secured a deal with Goodall Homes, a reputable Middle Tennessee builder, so hopefully the rate of progress on this site will continue to increase as we’ve seen over the past month or so.

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Donelson Neighborhood News - July 2017

Special thanks to Lanny & Sonya Dunkum for installing two Donelson Community Blessing Boxes at Donelson Church of the Nazarene on Donelson Pike last Fall.  Participation is based on a “take what you need, donate what you can” premise.  See flyer below for details and how you can contact Lenny & Sonya to support their effort.

Donelson Community Blessing Box

The Metro Action Commission's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides one-time assistance to income eligible families to help pay electricity, natural gas or other home energy payments.  The application period goes from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2018.  The program aims to assist low income households, primarily those who pay a high proportion of household income on home energy, in meeting their immediate energy needs.  Customers may print the application, attach the supporting documentation and mail it in or submit it in person.  Customers may also call and request the application by mail or e-mail.  All information is on their website at the link above.  Please spread the word to neighbors.

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Recapping the FY17/18 Budget Season, Legislative Updates and More New Developments in Donelson

Dear Friends –

My apologies for the delay getting this next newsletter out to everyone.  Both my day job at BMI and Metro are both on a July 1 fiscal year, so there’s been a lot of activity in my professional world over the past couple months.  Metro’s budget season for 2017/18 was in of itself an extraordinarily busy time for Council as we worked with the administration to help guide a strategic direction and prioritize investments with a $2.2 billion budget.  The Capital Improvement Budget is where projects are first identified and serve as a “wish list” and then prioritized for funding in the Capital Spending Plan.  The Operating Budget was also thoroughly discussed and one major challenge continues to be Nashville General Hospital, which has struggled in recent years to operate within their budget and have consistently come back to Council in the middle of the year to request an additional appropriation.  They have made improvements over the past couple of years and of course health care is a major issue at the national level so there are certainly broader issues but the bottom line is we must ensure our continued investment produces sustainable results. 

One other aspect of the budget process is to set the tax rate.  The recent property reappraisal process resulted in showing record increases and per state law, the tax collections must remain the same after the appraisal process, so the combined tax rate had to be lowered to $3.155, which is the lowest rate in Metro’s history.  Other notable aspects of this budget is that we also were able to support Codes with add more codes and zoning inspectors, which they greatly need, as well as adding about 12 – 14 school nurses, which is needed as well.   For the first time, FiftyForward will receive support from Metro that includes funding to support each center, including Donelson’s.  Two Rivers Mansion will receive $250,000 for the planning of an event center, to be located behind the mansion and was identified in the Two Rivers Mansion Master Plan as a revenue-generating facility to continue supporting the effort for preservation and enhancement of the historic site.  As part of the effort of securing this funding, former District 15 Councilman and Friends of Two Rivers Mansion founder Phil Claiborne and I along with Two Rivers Mansion manager Laura Carrillo welcomed Mayor Megan Barry for a tour of the mansion, 1802 House and surrounding property.  I’m very thankful to Mayor Barry for recognizing the great work the Friends group has done working with Metro Parks and Metro Historic to revitalize the property.  View pictures of Mayor Barry’s visit to Two Rivers Mansion here.

I have introduced and passed legislation (BL2017-738) banning hourly-rates at hotels and motels.  There aren’t many left in Davidson County, but places like Airways Motel is a good example of a place that only attracts prostitution, illegal drug use and human trafficking.  I’ve had good conversations with business owners who understand the intent and support this effort.  Read more about it here.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about BL2017-739 regarding immigration issues.  Passions run deep on both sides and I’ve listened carefully to everyone.  I empathize with our immigrant neighbors and the reasons why they leave their country of origin to come to America and begin a new prosperous life with freedom.  While I did vote yes on second reading, there were a number of questions still to be answered before third and final reading and quite honestly, I was surprised that some fundamental aspects of this proposal were not fully vetted before it was even brought to Council as a viable piece of legislation.  Metro Law Director Jon Cooper issued an opinion that this proposed legislation would not apply to the Sheriff or be enforceable as it violates our Metro Charter and State law.  With that information plus hearing from the majority of those that reached out to me not in favor of this, I was prepared to vote no on third and final reading, but the sponsors pulled it from consideration.

Last newsletter I let everyone know I was appointed to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  I spent a great morning a couple weeks ago with BPAC and members of Walk Bike Nashville as part of their Annual Policy Ride.  I rode my bike from Two Rivers Park across the Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge to downtown and gathered with about 20-30 bicyclists and we rode through points of interest in downtown and East Nashville to highlight successes and challenges.  At Riverfront Station for the Music City Star I had the opportunity to address the group and share our efforts with Downtown Donelson and implementing a pedestrian-friendly town center.

Walk Bike Nashville BPAC Policy Ride

At the June 6th Council Meeting, I was appointed to the Nashville & Eastern Rail Authority Board.  I’m very thanks to District 26 Council Member Jeremy Elrod for nominating me, who also serves as the Chairman for our Public Works Committee.  I follow a good tradition of District 15 Council Members J.B. Loring and Phil Claiborne who have also served on this board.  This is a critical time in being involved in our short line rail road where the Music City Star runs.  As we work to implement the nMotion regional transit plan, improved infrastructure and private development around our stations that brings improved serve and greater frequency will be vitally important.  I look forward to the work ahead.

There is a new “one stop shop” for accessing important data from multiple sources throughout Metro government that has been requested by a number of Council Members.  Visit the Metro Council Resources page to access reports and data all in one place.

The Nashville Farmer’s Market has opened a survey until July 21st to receive input from visitors.  Please take the survey here.


Jeff Syracuse, Metro Council District 15, Donelson TN

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Donelson School News - May 2017

The Centennial Jam Band Camp is a music-intensive week.  A student gets to spend 5 days in a row doing what he/she loves - playing music!  Metro Parks Music Department has been hosting Jam Band Camp for more than ten years.  Many of their alums are now making their marks in the adult music world.  Kids will learn to play popular music (rock, R&B, country, etc.) in a band by ear.  Groove. Stage Cues. Solos. Singing. Harmony. Teamwork. They cover all aspects of live playing, by doing it.  Any child ages 10 to 18 and still in school is wanted, as long as she/he can play an instrument.  Novices to virtuosos are welcome.  Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and any other instrument players who want to rock, please join Centennial jamBands Summer Intensive Jam Band Camp.  Camps run from June 12-16 and June 26-30.  It costs $150.00 for a whole week.  Scholarships are available.  Contact Metro Parks Music Supervisor Sam Frazee at or call 615-862-8440 for information about a placement audition.

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Donelson Non-Profit News - May 2017

The Larry Keeton Theater will have a benefit event called Fringe & Foolery, a costumed carnivale-themed fundraiser.  It will feature Jonell Mosser and be on May 13th. Please check out the flyer for details below. A cash bar will be open all night.  Costumes are encouraged but not required. For more information or tickets, call 615-883-8375 or visit

 Fringe and Foolery at The Larry Keeton Theatre


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Donelson Business News - May 2017

Thanks again to those that attended the community meeting about the proposed multi-family development occurring around 121 Donelson Pike.  My last e-blast included some updates and upcoming public hearings.  Click here for all the submittal documents, including the traffic study.  Remember that the rendering is preliminary.  They are aiming for the final product to be close to their other development at One MetroCenter, so check out that website to see the quality of that development.

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Donelson Neighborhood News - May 2017

As I’ve reported in previous newsletters, I’m very much aware that the Traffic Calming Program in Metro is greatly needed in many of our neighborhoods.  It’s a slow process, primarily because it’s currently a contract position with Metro.  However, I believe that with this upcoming budget, that will change and more resources will be devoted to it.  I know questions wondering why such as speed bumps, speed humps and other techniques and elements that we see in other cities aren’t used here are on the minds of a lot of neighbors.  I’m hopeful that as we improve the quality and availability of this program, we’ll see an increase in a variety of tools and techniques.  The above website has a link for you to request traffic calming in your neighborhood.

Brush Pick-Up is coming soon, so get out there and clean up your yards and get the brush to the curb.

With the warm weather here, that means door-to-door sales folks will be walking the neighborhoods.  Remember that Metro has a Do Not Knock List and you have to renew every year.

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Short Term Rental Bill Deferred, Stones River Bend Park Community Kick-Off and More New Restaurants Coming

Dear Friends –

The Business News section has the most updates this newsletter, but important information is in each section.  As always, don’t hesitate to let me know about things happening in the community to include in subsequent editions.

One of the hottest topics at Council right now is Short Term Rental’s and BL2017-608 is the latest bill to restrict non-owner occupied STRP’s.  The Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 2 was the public hearing for 608 and we were there until about 12:30am hearing passionate opinions from both sides of the issue.  We deferred the bill to wait for possible State action that could limit what we can and can’t do and based on that, there may be potential subsequent amendments to 608, so stay tuned.  I certainly see both sides, but lean towards protecting the character and integrity of neighborhoods.  This whole process has been messy to say the least. 

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Donelson School News - March-April 2017

Mayor Barry has launched a new private-public initiative, Opportunity Now, which seeks to support youth employment.  See flyers below for details and contact information if interested in having your son or daughter be part of this program and learn some strong life skills.

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Donelson Non-Profit News - March-April 2017

The Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market has big news for us for the upcoming 2017 season!  The first change is that they’ll be open one month early on Friday, April 7th from 4-7pm, with a Grand Opening celebration on Friday, May 5th.  Also coming to the market will be a “Farm 2 Car” option for those that want to order ahead and pick up at the market.  Additionally, the Music Valley Farmer’s Market will be the second location at Music Valley Village located at 2416 Music Valley Drive behind Cracker Barrel. It will run from 9am to noon on Saturday’s beginning May 6th.  See the full press release below for all the details.  I look forward to seeing you at the Hip D Farmer’s Market!

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Donelson Business News - March-April 2017

Party Fowl is coming to Donelson at the old Johnson’s Furniture building and will be their second location in Nashville.  Owner Austin Smith grew up in Hermitage and his family attended Donelson Church of Christ, so he’s from a local family with a heart for the community.  Thanks to SmartSpace for bringing a great restaurant to a pivotal property into the heart of Donelson.  With a total of 13,000 square feet, 5,500 square feet will be on first floor with the restaurant & bars, plus a patio and roll up doors out to patio.  7,500 square feet will be on the second floor including a patio thru roll up doors.  The upstairs will also include banquet space, corporate offices and a catering commissary.  They’ve arranged for parking to be used at the office building across the street.  It will bring back to life and make the entrance into “Downtown Donelson” look fantastic.Party Fowl Coming to Donelson - Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15

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Donelson Neighborhood News - March-April 2017

Special thanks to River Glen neighbors Kerra Bennett, who helped organize a litter clean-up of Pennington Bend Road.  With help from 15th District Beautification Commissioner Naomi Regensburg who provided bright shirts, bags and gloves, a team of us went from the McGavock Pike / Pennington Bend Road intersection to the River Glen neighborhood entrance.  Very special thanks goes to Sgt Jeff White with our Hermitage Precinct, who accompanied us in his patrol car and on foot to help ensure the traffic on Pennington Bend Road was aware of people walking on the shoulder.  Check out all the bags of trash below that we collected.  Great team effort!

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Spring Clean-Up, the Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market Opens Soon and a New Restaurant is Coming to the Heart of Donelson

Dear Friends –

Hopefully Spring is here to stay and we get to enjoy it before the hot temperatures of summer.

Spring means it’s time to begin the 2017-2018 Metro Budget process.  This past week Mayor Barry held budget discussions with department heads, which can be viewed at the link above.  All departments submit a requested budget, which will exceed the available funds.  The administration continues the shift from incremental budgeting (year-to-year) to long-term financial planning.  Budget proposals will be for fiscal years 2018, 2019 and 2020.  As we grow as a city and a metropolitan government, this more strategic-focused process will bring more transparency and accountability.  This will also be the second year Mayor Barry’s administration will hear Public Investment Proposals (PIP’s), which is an innovative new way of approaching budgeting that challenges Metro Departments and agencies to creatively collaborate on citizen-centered pilot initiatives.  Learn more about the PIP’s here.  The administration will now put together a balanced budget proposal to send to Council in May for us to hold our own hearings with departments.

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