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Conducting the marching band at my 20-year High School reunion

The weekend of October 17 was Homecoming at my high school and 20-year reunion for the Class of ’94 at Walton High School in Marietta, GA. Mike Back, who was also one of my band directors 20-years ago, asked me to conduct the fight song. I still remembered! Except I went to the second ending when Mike gave first. Ha. Good times! Thanks to my friend, classmate, and drummer Ian Hadfield for taking the video.

It was also the 36th Music City Invitational hosted at McGavock High School in Donelson. My music education experience in high school can’t be overstated. It meant the world to me then and I know it does to the kids and parents at McGavock. I remember well how hard the parents and families work on behalf of the program. Mine certainly did and it became a good bond for the family.