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Jenny White

Jenny White

Jenny White and her husband Kent have been residents of Lincoya Hills for over 17 years.  She is a graduate of Belmont University and originally from Evansville, IN.  Jenny is active in the Donelson community as the President of the Lincoya Hills Neighborhood Association and Community Chair for the Donelson-Hermitage Relay for Life.  Jenny and Kent enjoy biking on the Greenway, adventure dining with friends and just about anything that takes place in New York City.

When a life altering diagnosis came her way in October 2010, Jenny found her passion in creating awareness and advocating for lung cancer.  When she found no support for lung cancer, Jenny partnered with Lung Cancer Alliance to bring the first ever national chapter for lung cancer advocacy to Tennessee.  Jenny also volunteers with the Tennessee Cancer Coalition, American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network.  She recently trained for a marathon and her story was featured as part of St. Thomas Health’s “Nothing Shall Be Impossible” initiative highlighting inspiring stories from those who beat cancer.  You may recall seeing Jenny on bulletin boards and on the side of MTA buses across the city advertising this initiative and proudly wearing her “Dear Cancer, You Lose!” shirt.  Check out the full story at:

Jenny is an inspiration to many and Donelson is lucky to have her as a neighbor.

Porter Wagoner

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